Your Advocate on the County Board

Alex Kostal is a public defender and lifelong Milwaukee resident. A graduate of Milwaukee Public Schools, he also received his undergraduate and law degrees in Milwaukee. While in college and high school, he worked service sector jobs and held government internships with the Common Council, County Executive, and others. 

Alex was raised by his single mother until cancer ended her life early when he was only eleven years old. He then moved in with his dad, a small business owner who struggled with serious health problems. Alex's direct experiences with America's expensive and untrusted healthcare system and unforgiving carceral state, as experienced by close family, have shaped his commitment to making a better life for the people of Milwaukee.

Alex has been active in civic organizations his whole life. He has served as president of the Brady Street Neighborhood Association, a member of the County's Human Rights Commission, Vice-Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party's 4th Congressional District Committee, and elected delegate to the 2020 Democratic National. His passion for change and public service are matched by his experience and deep understanding of state and local government.